In September 2018 there was a congress on intelligent transport systems in Copenhagen. Together with Klitgaard Design we created an intelligent city environment for the Engie booth. 

The LEGO model was a part of a beautiful booth designed by White Noise Agency.

Train station and wind mills in the upper part of the photo. Shopping area and restaurant at the left and house, park, hotel, and museum at the right.

Intelligent trafic lights

When a bus approaches, the trafik light automatically turns green. This illustrates how Enige designs intelligent solutions for emergency vehicles, metro trains, busses, city bikes, and trains in cities.

Design details

LEGO has a lot of fun details in their models. We have added some more to make the model fun to investigate.

Street musicians at the station
Vue over shopping area, hotel, restaurant, and park
Two wind mills in one end of the city

The process


A shetchy version of the model was drawn in Sketchup. This ensured that the physical area was used a good as possible, when buying LEGO and giving overview for the users of the final model.


Elektronic control

Under the streets are the electronics, controlling magnetic sensors. The busses are registered and the traffic signals are controlled.

Removable wind mills

The two wind mills can be removed during transportation. This ensured the transport from Copenhagen to the Engie head quarter after the messe.


The glue-test is passed!!

All parts are glued together so that the model can be transported.

The team

Martin and Brian Johansen from Klitgaard Design

Extra photos

Park with a small fountain in the middle
Does it fit into the model?
Main Street
Yikes! A little too well :o/
Police at lunch
Robots still have a lot to learn 🙂
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